Matt Burt: Blog en-us (C) Matt Burt [email protected] (Matt Burt) Fri, 10 Sep 2021 19:35:00 GMT Fri, 10 Sep 2021 19:35:00 GMT Matt Burt: Blog 80 120 Honduras Video I've fallen way behind on my photo blog! Sorry if you were trying to follow along. I recovered from my injuries last winter and can again lift all my cameras! (although maybe not all at the same time)


I realized I never posted this video that was made about a trip I took to Honduras last March. I joined the Lazos Education Fund for the trip to the small town  La Venta where the school, called Asociacion Nuevo Amanecer or ANA is based. 

It was a great trip and this video tells the story very well. Thanks again Greg for a great trip!


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Winter whitewater vortex Not long after getting my new medium format camera, a Pentax 645D, I fell skiing and broke my clavicle and cracked my scapula. Ouch! Also makes it tough to use this big camera. But thanks to my wonderful wife I was getting out with her considerable help just a few days later. Now I'm at 2 weeks and I can go out on my own but I can't carry this rig very far. I also have to shoot from a tripod but that's often how a medium format camera is used anyway. 

I shot this last night at the Gunnison Whitewater Park. As the sun went down the temperature dropped and eventually got close to -30F over night. I really liked how the ice floating in the eddys below the drop formed a vortex so I got out a ND filter to slow down the shutter speed, revealing the circular motion. 

So I'm trying to use the time I have and update my online presence. Do you like the new site format? 

Hopefully I can get through the next few weeks without going crazy or making my family crazy. Can't wait to get back out into the backcountry and ski area!


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Holidays already?!?! Somehow this season always sneaks up on me. I hope you are all well and enjoying the season no matter how or what you celebrate. 

I was out taking photos of Whoville's Gunnison's annual Night if Lights celebration last Friday. It was a mild evening and it seemed like the whole town was there.

I got to use my new camera, a Pentax 645D from an office window overlooking the festivities and had a really fun evening. I think I also got a good photo. If you would like to purchase a print or use this photo commercially, please get in touch. If you just want to enjoy it here, then enjoy! I have a couple of prints of this coming in time for Christmas for local customers. 


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A scenic week I didn't even leave the valley this week and I've seen some great stuff! 

First on Sunday we had that Super Full Blood Moon, the lunar eclipse. I always like to get some photos of an eclipse because I find them interesting. 

First shot was early in the evening and the eclipse. I drove up into the hills east of Gunnison to get the changing aspens in the foreground with Mt. Chipeta on the continental divide behind. The left side of the moon was starting to darken.



For totality I was back home again. Being up where I was for moonrise didn't matter much once it was dark so I figured I'd hang out with my family on the porch. This shot is a little cliche, but it was just irresistible to grab one with an old manual 300mm lens on a tele converter that doubles the magnification of the lens for an effective 600mm.  



Then on Thursday night we had thick gray clouds within 10 minutes of sunset but I could see a gap developing near the horizon. Hoping the sun would come through and light up all the clouds I went to a nearby location on Tomichi Creek. The hole did open up and the resulting sunset was one of the best I have ever seen. I'm glad I was able to anticipate it!




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West Elk Bicycle Classic We had a beautiful day this year for the WEBC. A couple hundred or so hearty souls made the trek from Gunnison to Crested Butte the long way on Sunday. That's 135 Miles and 9000 Ft. of climbing! Nice job riders! 

I have a big gallery of rider photos you can buy as prints or downloads posted here.


Riding bikes is fun!



This 11 year old, Kaden rode the entire thing in a very respectable time. Amazing!



Dave Wiens leads the breakaway that would become the podium up Kebler Pass. 


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Wakeup call! 4:45 this morning Mother Nature decided it was time for everyone here in the valley to WAKE UP!

This is a composite of 12 photos over a 9 minute period. The lightning was almost constant for a while!


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How time flies It's been so long since my last post! If you are following please accept my apologies. Time flies when I'm having a fun summer!

Here are a few images I've been happy with since that last June ski session. 


It's been stormy quite a bit. More than it's been clear which is unusual for a Gunnison Summer!



We had a nice 4th of July celebration. I went up on W (Tenderfoot) Mountain to get this shot of the fireworks, town, and the mountains to the North. 



The carnival came to the neighborhood with the rodeo.



So we went camping to escape the noise. 


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Big Air on Cottonwood I met the guys who call themselves the Non-Native Crew at the top of 12,000 Ft. Cottonwood Pass last week for a sunset shoot. A group of free skiers from elsewhere who now live in the Gunnison/Crested Butte area. They make some fun videos and do freeride events and generally tear it up on skis. Conditions were pretty good, especially considering it's June.

We had a good shoot with the big kicker they built. The light and sky cooperated well and I got some photos I'm happy with. Thanks guys, let's do it again sometime!


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The Strawberry Moon The first clear evening in a while also happened to be the day of the full Strawberry Moon. So I managed to convincemy family to come out with me for a full moon photo outing after dinner.

We tried something I have been wanting to do for a while, with me shooting across a little valley to my wife and dog on some rocks. I feel like the photo came out pretty well but I also identified some things I could do better so I may try again next month. But we had fun and I think it's a fun image.

In the mean time here is one I thought came out pretty nicely. A big challenge is dynamic range. The dark foreground to the bright moon is a wide dynamic range that many cameras would struggle with. 

Pentax K-3, Pentax DA* 60-250/4


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Half and Full Growler photos now posted It took a while to go through and upload them all but they are now up and available.


Full Growler (and Meowler) photos here

Half Growler photos here

To find your photos, use the search function (magnifying glass, upper right) and enter your bib number, a space and either FullGrowler2015 or HalfGrowler2015. Let me know if you have any trouble. Also keep in mind not all the photos are tagged so browse a little if some of the bigger scale scenics interest you. 


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2015 Growler Photos I took a lot of photos at the Growler over the weekend. I've been processing them, tagging with bib numbers, and uploading them since. Now Saturday's Half Growler photos are ready and Sunday's are still being uploaded (it takes about 24 hours just to upload them!). I hope you all had fun racing on our awesome trails. Maybe see you out there again soon!


So the Half Growler Photos are available here.

Full Growler photos should be available tonight or tomorrow. Watch this spot for the link. Thanks!


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May powder! I made my annual pilgrimage with a buddy to ski American Basin over the weekend. We try to hit it when the road (Cinnamon Pass) gets plowed to the basin which is pretty high up. Our timing has always been pretty good on these trips and this year was no exception! 

It's was like a mid-winter powder day! Great fun and we skied a new line, Independence Couloir which was fantastic. I carried my Pentax K-3 with my trusty ski lens, the weather resistant DA 18-135. Great combo for adventure!

We left at 4am to get skiing as early as possible. 


After a couple of miles we put the skis on our backs and booted up the first objective. 

Hard work!


The payoff was well worth it!


We skied another run on the flank of Handies after this. It was also fun but the flat light made skiing tough and photography less rewarding. 

An amazing day overall, especially considering it was May 9th!

I also had a chance to try out the new Merge to Panorama function in Lightroom 6 with a series of four photos I took on the way up Cinnamon Pass. Seems to work well and was very easy to do.


It's really nice to be able to stitch raw files right in Lightroom. Very convenient and the results look good to me!


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Future home of

I'm going to embark on a project to consolidate my online presence. I'm going to move my blog here and point my domain name to this site. This will make it much easier to integrate the blog and photos, galleries, and sales here in one place.



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