I got out early this morning to check out the lunar eclipse. I always enjoy seeing these events and this one was no exception. My lovely wife Mary joined me for this one as well which made it extra-fun!


I got my favorite model to do a little yoga for me


Once the eclipse was done and the sun was rising I decided to stop by W Mountain Ranch since I was out and had all my gear. Nice sunrise this morning too!


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September 1421

Burn the Grump!

There were differences but also some similarities to the Whatever party and Vinotok. Both events had big crowds of people drinking and having fun, but Vinotok is a longstanding traditional fall festival in Crested Butte that feels a lot more organic. There were no obvious sponsors, beer wasn't free but of good quality, and the blue paint was still just left over from Whatever, USA. 

I haven't been to a Vinotok in quite a few years so it was fun to see it still so vibrant and well attended. The theme of the celebration is a kind of Pagen earthyness that culminates in the trial and burning of the Grump. The Grump is an effigy that represents negativity and bad luck so burning it in the fall is a way to let go of those things and move on to winter (and skiing of course). It's a great party!






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September 1409


The makers of Bud Light beer took over Crested Butte last weekend to throw a huge bash! It was to film a commercial and they flew 1000 contest winners for a weekend of free beer, big name music acts, and all kinds of side attractions. It was pretty wild but actually very well run. There was controversy about having it at all and then about how many locals can get in. I was one who got in and I have to say it was pretty fun. Not my typical scene but fun for a weekend.

IMGP9534-Edit IMGP9587-Edit


By Sunday I was over it (not a big Bud Light drinker, not a fan of crowds). A nice ride on Trail 401 with a good friend was a great transition back to our normal lives here.


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We got a nice day to have the WEBC which is a 134 Mile Gran Fondo road ride from Gunnison to Crested Butte the long way (through Paonia). 

It was chilly at first but looked like a good day to be on the bike for the most part. This route climbs Kebler Pass like the Pro Challenge did, but this time with much nicer conditions!

Nice job riders! I have a big gallery of photos available here.

Dave Wiens on his way to winning the race named for him. 



Riders on Kebler Pass


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After years of trying I finally scored a MOTO spot in this year's Pro Challenge. I was a little nervous beforehand but it ended up being great. 

My driver, Robert was a true professional and very smooth. He's also a camera operator and photographer so he helped with shot ideas along the way too. Plus it was really fun! My hit rate was lower than normal but I managed to get some photos I like and I think the city of Gunnison will like as well. I hope I get another chance to take what I learned and get better shots!





This was German Trek Factory team's Jens Voigt's final pro race before retirement. He's had a great career and he really seems to be a good sport. Cycling will miss him!IMGP0928

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That looked hard! The riders really had their resilience tested today as rain, hail, and lightning added some drama to the already long and taxing high altitude dirt pass. 

I questioned putting myself there with my son as lightning flashed overhead. We just kept shooting and tried to not be or be near the tallest thing. It seemed to work. Kudos to the riders. 

Next up is a moto ride tomorrow for the Monarch pass finish. It will certainly be an adventure! 

IMGP7667-Edit IMGP0877-Edit IMGP7677-Edit IMGP7762-Edit

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I'm getting excited for shooting some photos of the USA Pro Challenge as it comes through our valley for the first time since 2012. Definitely one of the bigger events in Gunnison. Watch this space for 2014 race photos next week!

This is one of my favorite photos that I have taken of the race from 2011 in downtown Gunnison. 


Contact me if you'd like to use this image (or any others) or purchase a print.

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I heard from a local old-timer that the West Maroon flowers are the best he has ever seen them right now. I figured I'd better check it out and get some photos! I wanted to get sunset and sunrise so I did a little overnight backpack trip. If you can, I highly recommend checking out the Colorado high country wildflowers soon. They are the best I've ever seen!

IMGP5146 IMGP5386-Edit IMGP5411-Edit

So worth the effort!

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July 1424

Summer sunsets

Well, summer just seems to be racing by. It's been a nice one so far and lately the sunsets have been just amazing!

I've been trying to catch them when I can. The mosquitoes are pretty bad around the water and meadows but the scenery is worth it.






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July 1407

Happy 4th!

After an early morning hike with my lovely wife and hanging out at a barbecue I headed up nearby "W" Mountain (technically it's called Tenderfoot but most people call it W due to the big W on it) to see if I could get some interesting shots of the fireworks. I wanted, as I usually do, to get something from a different perspective than what most people see. 

I saw a big moose on my way up which is unusual here and especially so close to town. I couldn't get a good photo of the moose but I think I did reasonably well with the fireworks. I feel like a lot of fireworks shots lack any foreground interest. I think a good fireworks photo should have some context so that was my intent here. 

If you celebrate the 4th of July I hope your day was a good one as well!

You can buy a print of this photo here.


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