July 1424

Summer sunsets

Well, summer just seems to be racing by. It's been a nice one so far and lately the sunsets have been just amazing!

I've been trying to catch them when I can. The mosquitoes are pretty bad around the water and meadows but the scenery is worth it.






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July 1407

Happy 4th!

After an early morning hike with my lovely wife and hanging out at a barbecue I headed up nearby "W" Mountain (technically it's called Tenderfoot but most people call it W due to the big W on it) to see if I could get some interesting shots of the fireworks. I wanted, as I usually do, to get something from a different perspective than what most people see. 

I saw a big moose on my way up which is unusual here and especially so close to town. I couldn't get a good photo of the moose but I think I did reasonably well with the fireworks. I feel like a lot of fireworks shots lack any foreground interest. I think a good fireworks photo should have some context so that was my intent here. 

If you celebrate the 4th of July I hope your day was a good one as well!

You can buy a print of this photo here.


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June 1425

Go Jefe!

My friend and neighbor Jefe Branham is currently dominating the Tour Divide mountain bike race and may break the course record. This is a 2745 Mile long race from Canada to (almost) Mexico. He is 11 days in at Mile 1850 and now sits 350 Miles ahead of second place. He makes up time by skimping on sleep and riding hard. Wow!

Live gps tracking can be seen here.

As always he is humble but appreciative of praise. I hope I didn't annoy him with my enthusiasm this morning!

IMGP0947 IMGP0958


Update: He won by a wide margin in about 16 days and two hours. Yeah! 


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Nice work to all the competitors! I was very impressed with the skill level I saw.  

I took a lot of photos for the morning competition and they are available for prints and downloads here.


Unfortunately I was unable to take photos for the afternoon competition. I did get some of the awards, but that was all. :(

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Thanks for being patient! It takes a while to tag them with the bib numbers and uplod them to the site but they are finally up. Tagging is important so you can search for your bib number and not have to look through every photo. That's over 700 photos between both days. My shutter finger is tired, but probably not as tired as your legs!


Click here for the Full Growler photos

Click here for the Half Growler photos


Great job riding out there and thanks to all the volunteers, Gunnison Trails, and to Dave Wiens for creating this event!


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I'm still uploading the Full Growler shots, but the half growler is up. Click here to see them.

To find yourself, click the magnifiying glass in the upper right and enter 2014HalfGrowler and your bib number.


Let me know if you need help with any of it.

Great job out there, thanks for looking!


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I really enjoyed all the performances on Friday at the recital. Great job everyone!

If you want to see more photos or order prints, go here. Thanks for looking!


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April 1420

WSCU Springfest

A long standing tradition that used to include a lot of beer. Now it's a bit mellower but it was still fun and the bands were good. 

I missed the first band, but then the Denver Jamband Yamn played before Gramatik who I hear is from Slovenia. Pretty fun energetic electronic set. It was a beautiful evening. The hoopers with lighted hoops were my favorite photo subject of the evening. 

There was also a slack line competition. Pretty cool event!





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I had a very late night earlier this week because I stayed out and photographed the lunar eclipse. It was an impressive sight and the thing that made me extra interested in this was that Mars would be nearby during the event, making for some photo opportunities we don't get very often. 

I hiked up behind the WSCU campus to get some photos. I'm still going through some that will take a little more work but here are a couple of basic shots of the moon and the night sky. 


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I had a fun time shooting some photos at the Slush Huck pond skimming event at Crested Butte on Saturday. What a fun end to the season! I shot a lot of photos and put a gallery up here

If you don't see yourself let me know and I may have an unpublished shot I could put up. 

Nice huckin' everyone! 

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